Hiring a Tutor through Elevate Academy

1. Do you teach my subject?

Yes! We have several tutors in London and all across the UK providing lessons in subjects ranging from Finance to Marine Biology. Even if we don’t have a suitable tutor, we guarantee to go out of our ways to find you the right tutor.

2. Are your tutors highly qualified?

Absolutely! At Elevate Academy, we only work with highly qualified and experienced tutors. Every tutor is interviewed and attested before they become part of the Elevate Academy family. Our acceptance rate is an astonishing 10%.

3. How is my tutor selected?

We assign every student/parent with a Client Liaison Manager who will thoroughly understand your requirements and select the best tutor(s) to match your requirements. Our Client Liaison Managers stick around with you from start to end, they will constantly make sure your lessons are going smoothly.

4. How quickly can you find someone for me?

We take the job of matching you with a suitable tutor very seriously. It usually takes around 2 working days for us to connect you to a tutor, so please get in touch soon.

5. Is my first lesson free?

Yes (if you are unhappy with the tutor). Not only do we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the first session but we will also provide a CGP guide of your choice for free. However, our high quality services makes it extremely rare that we need to invoke this guarantee.

6. Is your office open at weekends?

Yes, we provide assistance every day from 9:00am -7:00pm

Working as a Tutor with Elevate Academy

1. Do I need to have graduated to tutor with you?

Yes. The minimum requirement to become an Elevate Academy tutor is that you should be studying towards or have completed an undergraduate degree.

2. What if English isn’t my first language?

We are a tuition agency based in the UK, and as such all of our tutors must have excellent spoken English. During your teaching assessment one of our criteria will be to check that you can communicate ideas clearly and fluently in English.

3. When will I be paid?

Elevate Academy invoice clients on their tutors behalves every fortnight. We kindly request tutors to update their hours on TutorCruncher by Friday 5pm. Our clients have 7-10 days to confirm their invoice and payments are cleared within three days. And, tutors are paid within a week from the date of invoice.

4. How does it all work?

Every tutor must visit the Elevate Academy office for a face to face interview. We will require tutors to prepare and teach a mock lesson before they can be approved as a tutor. Throughout your time with us, we will continue to monitor all our tutors to ensure high quality tuitions are provided at all times.

5. Tutors are regarded as self-employed for tax and N.I. purposes. What does this mean?

No, all tutors are self-employed. In order to tutor with us you must be eligible to work in the UK. All of our tutors should register as being self-employed if they wish to tutor for us. This is very simple and can be found in the Tutors Handbook.

6. What method of teaching do your tutors use?

We ask our tutors to teach in line with Tutoring Standards’ Pedagogy. These guidelines are built on an ideology, and still allow tutors to bring their own personality to lessons. The teaching ideology is deliberately not restrictive, and is centred around the student.

7. If I’m tutoring for Elevate Academy, can I also tutor privately or for other agencies?

Of course, we don’t restrict what tutors do outside of their lessons. All that we ask is that you’re aware that you represent Elevate Academy when tutoring our students, so you should always follow our teaching guidelines, and adhere to your Tutoring Agreement.